BACC - Balboa Art Conservation Center
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General Questions
As a nonprofit, member-based organization, we have a limited ability to respond to telephone or email queries on specific, object-related issues. The American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works is an excellent resource for general information on the care of different types of objects. This information is available in electronic form at the website or in print form by written request to AIC. Current topics are:

Caring for Special Objects
Caring for Architecture
Caring for Your Ceramics & Glass Objects
Caring for Furniture
Caring for Your Metal Objects
Caring for Furniture
Caring for Your Photographic Materials
Caring for Your Documents and Works of Art on Paper
Caring for Home Videotape
Caring for Your Textiles
Matting and Framing Works of Art on Paper

The AIC also offers guidelines for selecting a conservator with an online referral service.

Individuals who wish further information on the condition of a specific work, or are considering conservation treatment, can make an appointment to see a BACC conservator. Information on the consultation procedure for individuals is available at Private Client Services.

As a public service, we offer a limited number of lectures and tours of conservation laboratories. Contact BACC for more information.