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Collections Care

Consultation support is an integral element of BACC’s services. Our conservators consult both on broad institutional issues such as planning, environment, and housing and on specific issues related to individual objects.

We assist institutions in their efforts to improve preservation practices, develop related policies and procedures, and put in place a long-range preservation plan that is the cornerstone of an effective collections care program. Through the Western Region Field Service Office, we respond to collections care queries from institutions in the western region. Such questions include, but are not limited to, storage, treatment, temperature and relative humidity regulation, and exhibit lighting.

Consultation on special problems is available to both institutions and individuals. Pre-acquisition services include evaluation of an object’s condition or a material analysis to aid in determining an object’s origin and date. Object-based services range from technical analysis, such as identification of paint samples and analysis of support materials, to formulation of specific treatment procedures and design of special frames and mounts.

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